Smart Spa Performance XS Series

Smart Spa Performance XS series spas, Smart Spa 240V

Smart Spa Performance XS Series
Baja Spas Model Performance XS 1044 spas is the best of all the spas in the marketplace, it can easily be recognized with a single peek.

Revolutionary in principle and refreshingly unique in accomplishment. Smart Spa Performance XS series spas are simply works of art built with hydrotherapy, pleasure and a life-time of entertainment in mind. Smart Spa has provided all the best options in this magnificent series, including:
  • Branded system which moves around and filters the spa water through a 1/15 HP Single Speed Energy Efficient Circulation Pump, 
  • Turbo filter cartridge, built-in floor drain
  • Ozonator 
  • Automatic chemical feeder keeping your spa water sanitized, balanced and crystal clear.All this is offered by Smart Spa, furthermore LUCITE Cast Acrylic with Microban Antimicrobial Safety. Your Smart Spa cleans while you relax and is America's first and only self-cleaning spa.

Baja Spas Model Performance XS 1044 Features 

Features include:
  • A Chromo-therapy Multi-Light System - allowing you to control the colors of your mood
  • Smart Spa Smart Tub - which helps to protect the spa in extremely hot and extremely cold temperatures
  • Maximum Spa Integrity - Due to the fact all Smart Spas are designed to stand on their own without the need of excessive insulating foam or a bulky cabinet. 
This is achieved with exclusive adding of the fiberglass to the shell which supports the strength of the acrylic spa. Also every Smart Spa comes with Weather Wrapping, an eco-friendly insulation blanket which successfully keeps warmth while minimizing equipment noise making. It is a unique feature designed for optimum energy performance and an outstanding option to full foam insulation.

Baja Spas Model Performance XS 1044 Electrical Requirements:

Smart Spa is self aiding and can be in or on deck - Cabinet kit is provided, not set up, for customized installation..

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